Sellio Facebook Pixel setup

Getting started

How long is the sign-up process?

It takes approximately 5 minutes to sign up with Sellio. You can sign up on or

Do you offer free trials?

We do not offer free trials but we give you a 35% discount on your first advertising with Sellio.

How Sellio works

Apart from Facebook which other platforms does SELLIO currently support?

We are currently fully integrated with Facebook API's, other platforms to follow.

How long does it take for my campaign to go live?

It usually takes between 30 and 90 minutes. On weekends this time might be slightly longer.

Can I set up and manage SELLIO for other people? How many?

Yes, you can manage Sellio for other peole if you are an Admin on their Facebook page; there is no limit to the number of pages you can run on Sellio.

How long will it take to start seeing results?

Most clients see results shortly after your advertisement has been approved. However, the more you spend on a advert the better the results.

Can I test my own Facebook adverts against the SELLIO system?

Sure, you can run your own adverts if you have a credit card and then compare the results with Sellio's advert.

How does Sellio take orders from interested buyers?

Sellio installs an automated ordering system (chatbot) on the Message Inbox of your Facebook Page. Here, interested buyers can place an order. We will then forward the order immidiately to you.

Can I continue to have Sellio's automated order system and designs running while I am not running an advertising campaign?

No, this is not possible. Sellio's system only works as long as you have an advert running.

How do I run an advert with Sellio?

  1. Go to your Facebook page.
  2. Post photos of items you want to sell.
  3. Wait for a message from Sellio in Facebook (Do NOT click Boost below your post).
  4. Follow the instructions in the message.

What if I don't want to boost my advert with Sellio?

Ignore the BOOST reminder message from Sellio

How to succeed with Sellio

How do I know if my campaign will perform well?

Typically campaigns that perform well have good photos and an offer attached to them. Check out our TIPS on how to make your campaign successful.

How do I run a successful advert and get many clients?

Take beautiful pictures and do not over-price your products.

Can Sellio guarantee that I will sell anything?

No, your sales will depend on the quality of your pictures, your prices, and how fast you contact customers after receiving an order. the success of your We don’t control buy behaviour but the more we advertise the better chances of finding buyers.

Dealing with customers

How do I receive orders and questions from customer?

Sellio will send you all customer orders and questions in Facebook Messenger chat called 'Sellio Notify'

How do I answer to questions of interested buyers that I receive in 'Sellio Notify' chat?

Go to your Facebook Page Message Inbox and write a message to the customer. Sellio's automated ordering system (chatbot) will be paused the moment you write a message.

Why do some customers do not come with phone numbers in 'Sellio Notify'?

Some Customers show interest in a product but don’t leave a contact. This is why the lead comes without a contact.

Why do I keep getting messages from Sellio every time I publish on my Facebook page?

These messages allow you to run an advert with Sellio directly after posting new offers on your Facebook page.

Why use Sellio

How is SELLIO different from BOOSTING your own advertisement in Facebook and Instagram?

Sellio helps you to get more customers by doing 3 things different. First, we target people that have previously shown interest in products and services similar to yours. Second, we add beautifully designed price tags and product codes to your pictures to attract more customers. Third, we allow interested buyers to easily order your product automatically - all you need to do is sit back and close the deal.

Can I trust Sellio?

Yes. Sellio is operating since two years as Yopanya Technology Services Ltd. under the laws of Uganda. Over 500 Ugandan and Kenyan companies use Sellio today. Sellio is also one of only 14 companies worldwide to partner with Facebook under it's 'FbStart Growth-to-Scale' program.


Can SELLIO improve the design of my adverts?

We only can do this on request. Contact our customer support team on +256700433715, or via Whatsapp on +4915792452631, or send us a direct message via our FB page Sellio.

How can I change my advert campaign once it is already running.

We only can do this only in exceptional circumstance. For more information contact our customer support team on +256700433715, or on Whatsapp +4915792452631, or by sending us a direct message via our FB page SELLIO.

How do I pause Sellio running on my page's inbox?

You can go to your Sellio dashboard at or and click PAUSE next to your Facebook Page name. Or you can send an email to info@sellio.ugwith the Subject "StopBOT"

How can I contact SELLIO if I am having difficulties?

Just contact our Customer Support: Call +256700433715 or Whatsapp +4915792452631 or send us a direct message via our FB page on

How do I cancel my account?

Send an email to with the Subject "Account Cancellation"

Pricing & Payments

How do I pay Sellio?

You can pay Sellio with mobile money (MTN, Airtel, Safaricom).

How can I adjust my budget?

Contact our customer support team - Call +256700433715 or Whatsapp +4915792452631 or send us a direct message via our FB page SELLIO.


Do I have to sign a contract?

No. However, by using Sellio you automatically agree to our Privacy Policy ( and Terms of Use (

Does my business need to be registered to use Sellio?

No. If you have a Facebook Business Page you can use Sellio.